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13. April 2020

A while ago – well, to be precise it was at the beginning of January – I wrote about missing blogging. And I still do. But you know … there ist always something more important and when you finally want to start again, you feel so tired or the photos you have taken are not of a good quality or you just feel that blogging makes no longer sense.

Today , when I went out for a run, I had the exact same considerations about my no longer running routine. I still try to run more or less regularly, but at the moment running means hard work. During the winter months I nearly did no excercises at all, so the lack of condition is really no wonder. ‚Luckily“ – and this has to be put into inverted commas – North Rine Westfalia is ‚only‘ on a shutdown during this horrible Corona crisis. Everybody has is still the chance to exercise outside while keeping distance from other people. So I told myself: Keep going, everything will be fine. All you need is establishing a habit again.

Same with blogging. Make a start, write about the issues you are interested in and keep going. Well, here I am. Let’s see what is going to happen.

PS: By the way running went very well this morning. The first 9 k run after a period of 4 weeks.

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