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18. November 2015

I know, this video has nothing to do with all the shocking rumble that happened in Paris last weekend or uses to happen for several decades now in countries far away from Europe. Initiated by religious fanatics or better to say: terrorists with a hardly to understand motivation. For why and what are they willing to transport violence and destruction into our society and kill innocent people and even themselves?

There has been a time in my live, when I was totally convinced of the chance for a peaceful world. Maybe I was too young to understand the complexity of different attitudes or interacting communities and nations. Maybe I was a bit too naive. Maybe I didn’t have in mind, that not all people on this world have the same oppurtinities as I had, a child of the 70s and 80s growing up in a carefree western industrial nation.

Me and my choir were spending a long weekend together when the hoorfying news of the attacks reached us. We were all terribly shocked. But nevertheless we tried to be „normal“ and kept going with our rehearsals and practices. We used „Scarborough Fair“ as an  exercise for refining the Soprano voices and suddenly it came back to my mind, what I had believed in more than 35 years ago. Maybe the chance for a peaceful world gets a little smaller with every crisis in the world, but I am deeply convinced that we should at least try to make a better world. Every single day in our lives. Even today, above all today.

PS: I am writing this post in English, because it has nothing to do with my regular posting. For me, this kind of terrorism is appealing to all of us independent of origin, nationality or religion and maybe I can reach more people by getting more „international“.

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  • Reply Moni 19. November 2015 at 16:15

    I completely agree with you. It is our very own choice and opportunity to make the world a better place with love and peace! :-*

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